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Department of Ocean and Border Management

The Department of Ocean and Border Management is deeply committed to equipping our students with the requisite knowledge and skills to embark on future careers in law enforcement. We emphasize the cultivation of a comprehensive understanding of both the theoretical and practical aspects of ocean and border management. Our curriculum is designed to underscore the significance of courses such as Ocean Legal Affairs, Coast Guard and Executive Law, Entry and Exit Management, Customs Duties, and Marine Industry Management. The fundamental pillars of our academic pursuits include law, policy, and management. Given the distinctive geographical location of Kinmen, our students are encouraged to remain attuned to international and cross-strait current affairs. Our academic programs are meticulously crafted to address the specific and unique needs of Kinmen. Following a rigorous period of instruction, the department extends various internship opportunities to our students, ensuring they are thoroughly prepared with the professional knowledge and competence required for a range of maritime-related roles upon their graduation. Our graduates are suitably prepared for distinguished careers in government capacities such as coast guard administration, customs duties, entry and exit management (immigration officer), the national security bureau, and the investigation bureau. Furthermore, they are aptly qualified to assume positions within the marine industry, including roles in shipping companies, customs brokerage, tally companies, port loading and unloading industry enterprises.